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Liquid Dish wash Course

Dish Wash is a special Liquid cleaning solution especially for utensils. Effectively cleans residual food particles, fats, oil, grease, protein leftovers. he dish-washing detergent should be soluble in water and should remove dirts at room temperature in short time.

Detergent Powder Making Plant

Detergent Powder Making Plant

Hand Sanitizer Course

Now get the Formulations to make Hand Sanitizer, This is New & Fast running item . Wash hand without use of water. A hand Sanitizer or hand antiseptic is a supplement or alternative to hand washing with soap & water.

Acid Slurry Making Course

Acid Slurry is a used as Raw Material in making Toilet Cleaner ,Detergent Powder Liquid Detergents , etc. By Making of Acid Slurry , you can maintain the quality also you can manufacturing cost .