We have 5 Businesses Found for you

Slipper Making Business

Slippers also called Hawai Chappals are considered as a household consumer durable item and are used by men, women, and kids. Both the urban and rural population use slippers in India

Modular Kitchen Business

Statistics reveal that there is huge growth in the sector of modular kitchen and furniture in last few years. With the upgradation in life style of people in our society, the sale of such concepts has taken a big leap.

Soft Drinks Making Business

The turn over of soft drinks business has been crossed Rs. 50,000 Crore/year in India. There is a big scope for soft drink maker for earn money by make soft drink at local level.

Bentex Jewellery Making Business

Bentex  jewellery business is booming nowadays. Nearly every women in the world & most of men likes to wear jewellery Due to the high price of gold and diamond, the artificial jewellery business has a great potential. There is tremendous growth of artificial jewellery industry.

potato chips making business

Potato Chips Making Business is one of the profitable small-scale manufacturing business individuals can start this business even from home in very low investment.