Cartridge Refilling Services

Cartridge Refilling Services

Why To Start  Cartridge Refilling Services?

Cartridge refilling is one of the must need Services for nearly every business

There is almost no place in the world that does not have at least one printer at work. From offices to colleges, printed materials are of critical importance.

Recycling of Cartridge saves money as much as 60% to 70% depending on the number of cartridges a Company uses, & as such, savings can amount to thousands of Rupees each year.

Cartridge Refill market is estimated at over Rs.2500 crores per year. It is expected to grow at 30% - 40 % annually.

How about your profit?

You can easily earn income of Rs. 25,000 per month. You can multiply your monthly earnings depending on your passion and entrepreneurial skills for this business.

Consider this fact – a 15ml of black ink which costs less than Rs. 18-20  would give you a return of Rs. 130-150-/-. That’s an amazing profit ! All you have to do is to fill an empty ink cartridge that would take you about 10 minutes to accomplish.

Training Duration :  2 - 8  days

Required Qualification : Education no Matter. 

Required investment:   Rs 20000 – 25,000

Required Space : Can start from home or a small shop.


What will you Learn from us ?

Required Knowledge of setting up Cartridge Refilling Services.

Addresses of best & Cheapest Institutes.

Addresses of Tools You need to Start Your Business.

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