Potato chips making business

Potato chips making business

Potato Chips Making Business is one of the profitable small-scale manufacturing business individuals can start this business even from home in very low investment. There is a huge demand for the potato chips from the rural as well as urban area; people prefer instant food and potato chips are the best option for snacks it eliminates hunger quickly.

Business Potential

India is largest potato growing country, around 12.5 million potatoes are grown in India which is 5% of total potato grown in the whole world but the disadvantage is that the potato is soiled due to transportation, storage system, and other environmental changes.

Required Investment  minimum of Rs 80,000 to over Rs 1 lakh initially.

What will you learn from us

Where to buy Low cost machine Set up

License Required for Chips Making

Selling and Marketing of Ideas

Government Schemes for Loan & Subsidy

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