Soft Drinks Making Business

Soft Drinks Making Business

Starting soft drink manufacturing is very best business idea also in very low budget you can start. if you are packing in pouch, your cost of bottle and jar will be save. You can save that soft drink at very lower price than branded soft drink. Your soft drink of pouch would be sell at train and small vendor shop who use simple ice to cold any cold drink. The turn over of soft drinks business has been crossed Rs. 50,000 Crore/year in India. There is a big scope for soft drink maker for earn money by make soft drink at local level.

Why The mobile retailers of soft drink would like to sell your product.

Cheap Price so high profit

No need to collect used bottle

Heavy demand by people due to cheap rate.


The Cost of Production – The cost of make soft drink is Rs. 2.50 to 3.00 per ltr. The cost of plastic pouch for 250 ml. is Rs. 0.40 with print of your soft drink name. So by this way you make a 250 ml. soft drink in less than Rs. 1.25. So, if you add other charges for production on each pouch of soft drink then its price would be increase up to Rs. 1.50 per pouch.

If you keep price Rs.2.50 per pouch for retailers and mobile vendors then it may be sold to customer at Rs. 4.00 Rs. To 5.00. Where you will have earning. 4 to 5  rupees/ liter. Then your vendor and retailer are earning Rs. 1 to 2 per pouch. The costumer accept your soft drink with happy due to it cheap rate because price of a bottle of branded cold drink 200 ml. is Rs. 9.00. By your product he will save Rs. 5.00.

You can start Soft Drink business in just less Rs. 50,000- 60,000

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