Start Your Own Vedic Maths Institute

Start Your Own Vedic Maths Institute

Welcome to one of the Fastest Growing Industry in the world !!!

Starting Your Vedic Maths Training Institute was never before easy.

The whole World is your Market Place To Sell Vedic Maths Franchise. By Running your own Organization Many of Franchise worldwide will work for you Start Your Own Vedic Maths Treining Center with your brand name and Earn unlimited.

Potential of Business :

Start Vedic Maths Institute with Your Own Brand Name & Appoint Centre Franchises All Over India & Abroad . Just Imagine 100 Franchises. Under You !!!

You can Charge One Time Franchise fee at least Rs. 10,000/franchise

You can earn Rs. 10,000 X 100 = Rs. 10,00,000

You can earn by Supplying Vedic Maths Workbook Kit Averagely 100 kits/franchisee Rs. 50 (Your Profit/kit) means

You can earn Rs.50 X 100 X 100 = Rs. 5,00,000 Per year

Additionally if you will charge royalty , This will be great reccurring income for you


Its a Business..     OPM + OPE = Our Profit

(Other People's Money + Other People's Efforts = Our Profit)

Benefits of Vedic Maths


Helps students to get rid of math phobia and improve grades

Helps students solve mathematical problems about 15 times faster.

Fast multiplication can be done using the shortcut for multiplication

Helps in intelligent interpolation.

No need to learn all Multiplication Tables only upto nine Tables.

Improves mental calculation.

Improves concentration as well as confidence.

Very simple, direct, totally unconventional, original & consummate
Once you are aware of the basics of Vedic Maths you can practice and make yourself a human calculator.

Vedic Mathematics is magical.

 Everything has been arrenged for you

* Vedic Maths Teacher's Training in Hindi/English/Marathi

* Full Administrative training to run Abacus Company

Full Marketing Training.

* Way to Advertise for free on Internet or with very low cost

*Vedic Maths Study Material Fully Branded with your Organization Name & Logo

* All Business Insights

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